Juice Extractor

Juice Extractor
A juice extractor is a kitchen appliance designed
to extract juice from fruits and vegetables, separating
the liquid from the pulp. It typically features a spinning
blade or auger to crush and press the produce, yielding fresh and nutrient-rich juice.

Juice Extractor
A juice extractor, also known as a juicer, is a versatile kitchen appliance
designed to transform fruits and vegetables into fresh and flavorful juice.
By extracting the liquid content from produce while separating the pulp,
it provides a convenient way to enjoy nutritious beverages packed with
vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The operation of a juice extractor
typically involves feeding whole or chopped fruits and vegetables into a
feeding chute, where they come into contact with a spinning blade or auger.
This mechanism crushes and presses the produce, extracting the juice while
leaving behind the fibrous pulp.