Electric Vegetable Cutter Machine

Electric Vegetable Cutter Machine
An electric vegetable cutter machine is a kitchen appliance
designed to slice, dice, shred, and julienne a variety of vegetables
quickly and efficiently. It features interchangeable blades and a
motorized mechanism, making vegetable preparation hassle-free.

Electric Vegetable Cutter Machine
The electric vegetable cutter machine is a versatile kitchen appliance
engineered to streamline the process of preparing vegetables for cooking
or serving. With its motorized mechanism and interchangeable blades,
this appliance can slice, dice, shred, and julienne a wide range of
vegetables with ease and precision. Equipped with sharp stainless
steel blades, the machine can handle various textures and densities
of vegetables, from soft tomatoes to firm carrots and potatoes.
Users can adjust the thickness and style of the cuts by selecting
the appropriate blade and adjusting the machine’s settings, allowing
for customized results to suit different recipes and preferences.
●  For safety, the motor stops when the attached pusher is opened more than 12″ above the opening.
●  A powerful 750W motor, a large feed entrance for mass food preparation, and a functional vegetable cutter.
●  Good looking with a compact design, the construction is made from a special alloy of aluminum and
magnesium in accordance with health regulation standards.
●  Multi-purpose multifunctional vegetable cutter: slicing, grating, shredding, and cutting into chips or
cubes of all sizes.
●  High capability, versatile choice, work smoothly, and low noise.
●  Attachment:5 different discs. Blades Spec. For Slicing:SP002/SP004; For Grater:G003/G005/G007